Making Beer Pletok, Drink Fresh Healthy

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When the weather is cold, warm it with a typical drink Betawi, beer pletok. Do not be mistaken, this drink absolutely no alcohol is intoxicating. Beer pletok healthy precisely because it is made from raw materials of red ginger and spices.

Beer is just a term pletok traditional drink of red ginger which give an exotic flavor. Young orange color makes it more tempting drinks taste with freshness. Pletok beer contains natural pigments from the timber cup. Curious to try? You can make yourself at home.

2 wooden knuckles masoyi
5 cuts cup timber
2 knuckles cinnamon
5 cloves
Nutmeg 2 eggs
3 grains of cardamom
2 pieces chili Java
3 pieces of lemon grass
4 pieces of pandan
4 kaffir lime leaves
1 teaspoon salt
5 ounces of red ginger
1 kg granulated sugar
3 lite water

1. Rinse and then red ginger into small pieces.
2. Enter the red ginger, salt, and whole spices into a pan that has been filled with water, then boiled on the stove over medium heat.
3. After boiling, put sugar.
4. Stir the solution during the cooking process to avoid movement.
5. Before it thickens, take ginger and spices.
6. When it began to thicken and foaming, reduce heat to keep doing the stirring slowly and evenly.
7. If the water has evaporated to form powders or crystals.
8. Do sieving of powders to obtain a soft or smooth powder.
9. The remaining powder is shaped blob is inserted into the blender to be crushed to be more gentle.
10. Pletok beer powder sieve results are then stored in a container or packaged, ready to eat or even be sold.

Sources: Center for Environmental Technology, Deputy for Development of Natural Resources-BPPT.



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