The story of two Indian Grandpa Porridge makers to break fasting

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The story of two Indian Grandpa Porridge makers to break fasting – EACH Ramadan, mosques Pekojan provide a square meal porridge India. Are two elderly mosque guards who prepared this menu every year.

Abdul Muin, 72-year-old grandfather who worked as guards at Jalan Masjid Jami Pekojan Petolongan number 1, the faltering bring some firewood from the stack. He’s every month of fasting was given the task to prepare the fire, to cook traditional foods mosque about 150 years old.

In addition to Muin, Mbah Ngatiman (70) are also prepared with a variety of equipment to make porridge, like a big wooden beater, a large clay pot, and cover pan. Mbah Menururt Ngatiman, porridge India has the meaning of patience, judging from how to cook.

“Cooking porridge recipe was brought by a merchant of Palestinian origin hundreds of years ago these do need patience. In the past, only to find 10 pieces that will be used as coconut palm, it is very difficult. If now even have lived to blackmail,” the story Ngatiman who also served as a guard mosque.

Although it’s been easy to find fuel, the manufacturing process still requires patience. “Make or cook porridge, starting from 8am, by preparing and cutting vegetables. In addition to vegetables, ginger, lemongrass, Pandanwangi, cinnamon, onion, and garlic are also prepared. Then, we’ll squeeze the coconut milk should be stored had at least 2 hours. After that, around 12 noon, we just cook the water and wash the rice, “said grandfather with Hajj this title.

One hour before preparing the rice water is poured into the pan. This is where the two lived trials of patience. Porridge should still stirred with a large wooden spoon until thickened. The process takes approximately 2 hours.

“Aching precisely that annoys me, when thirsty and hungry because I’m actually not ngrasakno fasting (not taste-ed),” said Mbah Ngatiman stir the pot while stirring.

Once prepared, the slurry is then placed in a plastic bowl for later arranged a row in one corner of the mosque with a glass of warm milk chocolate and some palm seeds. A few minutes before Maghrib drum beating, approximately 200 pilgrims and residents were sitting in front of the meal being prepared since morning.

Break the fast with pleasure is felt by the pilgrims who break the fast at the mosque. As said Slamet (35) Krapyak residents, who deliberately took a considerable distance each day just to break in Petolongan it while enjoying a typical pulp Pekojan Jami Mosque.

“If the porridge is every year I always look forward, savory curry sauce or vegetable puree typical lodeh India ngangeni (make a miss-ed). After the break the fast together and pray in congregation and continued Taraaweeh, it really kind I enjoy,” said Slamet.

Besides mosque, dozens of children living around the mosque is also not want to be left to stand in line to get porridge. By bringing a bowl or a hamper from home, patiently waiting their turn to get a slurry of Mbah Ngatiman.

The atmosphere is what every day is always coloring this Pekojan Jami Mosque. No need for luxury with simplicity, Iftar was also filled with its own pleasure.


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