Soto, the World’s Best Food In addition to Rendang

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Soto, the World’s Best Food In addition to Rendang

Reported by page CNNGo, Indonesian food is delicious food in the list of 50 world only rendang. Are there other foods that taste delicious and can be enjoyed by lovers of the culinary world?

“Soto. Why do I say soto could enter the ranks of the world’s best food? Besides being relatively easy way of making soup, the presentation was quite simple, “said an expert catering when contacted Legal Soewitomo Sisca, recently.

Despite the simple processing, Sisca rate, the smell that comes out of the chicken broth is very strong. This is the reason soto deserves to be the best food in the world. “Everyone would love soup, especially the strong aroma of chicken broth. Sauce is delicious, when the weather is cold or hot, “he said. So, where is the recommended soto Sisca considering Indonesia has a wide variety of soup? “Want soto madura, soto Betawi, or soup mix, whose name was definitely tasty soup. The difference is only in the presentation. Just how the government promotes cooking soup in the eyes of the world, “he said.


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