Brownies Cheese Cake

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MANY people do not understand how to make cheese cake brownies. For those who want menjajalnya on the sidelines together with family, see the recipe to bake brownies.


170 grams unsalted butter
310 grams dark cooking choclate, chopped
4 eggs
320 grams sugar
100 grams of brown sugar
2 grams of salt
10 grams of instant coffee
5 grams of powdered vanilli
200 grams of wheat flour proteins are being
3 grams baking powder
20 grams cocoa powder
400 grams cream chesse
160 grams granulated sugar
2 chicken eggs
400 ml fresh cream
5 grams of vanilla bubukdinginkan.


1. Tim butter and chocolate until melted. Remove and set aside.

2. Beat eggs, sugar and salt until the sugar dissolves. Add coffee, vanilla, and melted chocolate and stir well. Enter the flour mixture, stirring gently until well blended.

3. Pour the batter into the pan of brownies are covered with margarine and coated baking paper. Bake in hot oven 180 degrees Celsius temperature for 25 until cooked, remove and let cool.

4. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add the eggs one by one as he shuffled. Add fresh ream vanilli dank. Stir gently until blended.

5. Pour cream cheese mixture over brownie that has been cooked, baked again in a hot oven 150 degrees for 45 minutes and let cool.

Results 40 pieces

Recipe excerpted from the book “The Book of Cuisine Recipes of All Time” by Tim Kitchen Demedia


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